Recruiting & Training

Golden Armor Security has a fully SA SETA and Psira accredited training center in all the regions. Training is not regarded as an expense rather an investment in the company and to the employee’s. Although all officers receive basic training in preparing them for the task at hand, on site, job training is of great importance in achieving success. Golden Armor Security Services therefore regards no effort too big to them, it assures the highest level of service delivery and minimizes potential problems in general.

This part of training forms the most integral part of the total training programme prior to the commencement date. It comprises of all the critical knowledge and information that all management and officers on site need in order to operate the contract efficiently.


First Phase

  • Dress code
  • Logical intelligence
  • Building layout
  • Knowledge of the client’s SOP
  • Specific post instructions
  • Access and egress systems
  • Access and egress controls
  • Screening procedures
  • ID systems and control
  • Alarm response procedures
  • Escort procedures
  • Firearm/dangerous control
  • Public relations(visitors and employees)
  • Lost and found goods procedures
  • Limitations of search and service (CPASI)
  • Through experience we learnt that recruitment is a critical process which enables Golden Armor Security to deliver an exceptional service. If a person does not have the right aptitude and attitude, all possible training and management is not going to be able to ensure a sustainable services level.

Second Phase

  • Comprehension and communication test
  • Numeric and literacy test
  • Personal appearance criteria evaluation
  • Recruitment with geographic location consideration

Compliance to general requirements

All security officers comply with prescribed legislation. Grade c officers will be deployed for the Eastern Cape region and other regions for any contract we receive.

All security officers work according to the rules as prescribed by the basic conditions of employment and other related legislation. All officers work a minimum of 208 hours per month. No shift will be longer than 12

Golden Armor has a fixed dress code in place that caters for all types of weather.

The equipment as listed below, that Golden Armor Security issue to their staff on duty is as per standard prescription and will remain the property of Golden Armor Security, once allocated to a post it will not be removed. It will only be removed for necessary repairs and/or services. Golden Armor Security will be fully responsible for keeping and maintaining the following equipment:

● Batons
● Torches
● Pepper gas
● Handcuffs
● Cellular phones
● Whistles
● Registers
● Stationary
● Fire arms